How to check Telenor number : 3 Ways No Charges!

how to check telenor number

How to check Telenor Number – 

Let’s start on how to check telenor number firstly confirm that the sim of which you want to check is active. The sim must not be blocked by the company for any unusual or suspicious activity or due to inactivity.
If the sim is active and running just their is not enough balance then simply just follow the steps below and you will check Telenor number free of cost.

Method 1:  Via Message

 Now the second method for how to check telenor number is by sending an empty message to “ 7421 “ and you will receive your Telenor mobile number.

Method 2: Via USSD CODE

how to check telenor number

In the second method of checking the number of Telenor is by Simply dialing *8888# on your dialpad and after processing your Telenor mobile number will be displayed


Method 3: My Telenor Android App

how to check telenor number
Telenor has recently launched an Android app for their customers.  This app is a complete portal for users because they have access to all the information related to their network including Call Packages, Sms Packages, Calling Rates, Internet Bundles, Internet Bundle remaining data, Promotions and customer support. Telenor mobile app has a very simple interface and the registration process is also very easy. Hence just register an account on My Telenor App and check your Telenor mobile number.

How to Register on My Telenor App:

The registration process is very simple just download My Telenor App  and enter your mobile number. After submitting your mobile number you will get a verification text from Telenor and your account will be created.


♦ Get your favorite offers on discount in the form of Flash Sales
♦ Remain updated with your remaining bundle/offer MBs, Min, SMS at all points in time
♦ Login with one click when using the app via Telenor 3G/4G
♦ Make your own offer with ‘My Djuice Offer’ (Djuice users)
♦ View your call and SMS records for the last 30 days
♦ Get a graphical view of your call, SMS and MB usage for 30 days
♦ Pay your postpaid bills and recharge your prepaid account via scratch cards, credit/debit cards, mobile account and over the counter payment
♦ Check your balance and bill absolutely free!
♦ Get loan on your number when you run out of balance with a single tap
♦ Shop till you drop for your favorite handsets and Telenor Mobile Broadband devices
♦ Activate and deactivate offers and digital services
♦ Migrate to any package (prepaid users)
♦ Add, edit or delete your Friends and Family numbers
♦ Lock your complaints with Telenor Pakistan without the hassle of call waiting and keep a track of their status
♦ Access internet settings from within the app
♦ Get your PIN/PUK numbers from the app
♦ Shop till you drop for your favorite handsets and Telenor Mobile Broadband devices
Browse the app for free after downloading