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Zong Daily Call Packages – CMPak Limited d/b/a Zong and China Mobile Pakistan is a pan Pakistan mobile network operator headquartered in Islamabad, which offers voice and data services ranging from postpaid and prepaid plans. Zong is now famous for its Internet speeds of 4G and 3G but with time also has improved its other packages like  Call Packages, Sms Packages, Other Network Packages, Foreign Country Packages.

In our previous articles related to mobile networks, we have posted about Zong Mbs Check, Zong Balance Share, Zong Internet Bundles. Now we will take a look at what Zong has to offer related to Zong Call Packages. These packages are divided into three categories Zong Daily Call Packages, Zong Weekly Call Packages & Zong Monthly Call Packages and at the end, we are also going to discuss about Zong Postpaid Packages.

Zong Daily Call Packages

All the detailed description of Zong Daily Call Packages, Hidden Charges, Method Of Subscription is provided below.

Zong Student Bundle

zong daily call packages 2018

Zong Student Bundle offers is a fully optimized budget offer and is up to its value. If you are don’t have much calling to do and only need a simple offer which doesn’t cost you much and will provide a few hours of talk time then this offer is best for you. In this offer you will get 120 Minutes at just the cost of 3rs ( Tax Excluded ) and the validity of this package will be 24 Hours.

Minutes: 120

Price: 3Rs + Tax

Validity: 24 Hours

How to Subscribe To Zong Student Bundle Offer – Tnis offer can be subscribed by dialing *3000#

Terms & Conditions

The offer will not be auto-recursive.

  • Call set up of Rs 0.15 inc. the tax will be applicable on every call
  • Withholding tax of 14% applies on recharge/bill
  • 19.5% Sales Tax is applicable on usage in Punjab, KPK & Baluchistan. 19% Sales Tax is applicable in Sindh. 18.5% FED is applicable in rest of Pakistan and AJK.
  • Data services are exempt in Punjab, Federal, AJK, and Sindh up to 4 Mbps. Data services are taxable in Sindh with speed greater than 4 Mbps as well as in KPK and Baluchistan as per applicable rates.

Zong Super Student Package

zong daily call packages - super student bundle 2018

Zong Super Student Package offers a little more than the previous student package. In this previous package a total of 120 minutes were given but this package Zong provides 10,000 minutes for the next 2 hours. Zong not only provides 10,000 minutes but also offers a 50mb data for the Internet. This package is not that much of expensive the rates have been increased a little bit. The previous package was in 3rs + Tax and this package is for 5rs + Tax.

Minutes: 10,000

Validity: 24 Hours

Price: 5Rs + Tax

How to Subscribe to Zong Super Student Package –  This Offer can be subscribed by dialing *5555#

Zong Full Gup Package

zong daily call packages - full gup offer 2018

Zong Full Gup Package offers a little of everything. In this offer, the customer will get a little bit of everything like On-Net minutes, Sms, MBs. If you have a little use of all the mentioned things then this package is best for you because in a low cost you will get a little of everything. Zong Full Gup Package includes 75 On-Net minutes + 100 Sms for all network + 30 Mb of data for WhatsApp at the cost of 5 Rs which is a valuable deal for its cost.

Minutes: 75

SMS: 100

MBs: 30 (WhatsApp Only )

Validity: 24 Hours

Price: 5RS +Tax

How to Subscribe Zong Full Gup Package –  This offer can be subscribed by dialing *118*1#

Note: This is a recurring package and for un-subscription of this offer send “unsub” to 1181

Zong Shandaar Daily Package

zong daily call packges - zong shaandar offer 2018

Zong Shandaar Daily Package is the most trending daily package by Zong. This package is famous for its unlimited On-Net calls for 24 Hours and in addition to this 800 SMS for all networks are provided. Moving from On-Net minutes and Sms Zong gives a little bonus I would say because a 50Mb Internet is also given with this package which I guess is enough for a little use. All the benefits discussed now let’s talk about the price of this package; This package would cost you Rs 8 + Tax. Overall Zong Shaandar is considered best out of all zong daily call packages.

Minutes: Unlimited

Sms: 800

Internet: 50Mb

Validity: 1 Day

Price: Rs 8 + Tax.

How to Subscribe to Zong Shandaar Daily Package – This package can be subscribed by dialing *999# or you can send an SMS by writing ” PAK “ and sent it to 5225.

Zong Hello Package

zong daily call packages - zong hello package 2018

Zong Hello Package is a balanced package by Zong. In this package, you will receive 100 On-Net minutes, 100 Sms and 50 MB Internet which is valid for Facebook Only. The validity of this package is 1 day and it is a recurring package. Remember this package will expire at midnight so make sure you subscribe to this package early in the morning.

Minutes: 100

SMS: 100

Internet: 50Mb ( Facebook Only )

Price: 8 Rs + Tax

How to Subscribe to Zong Hello Package –  This offer can be subscribed by dialing *2200*1#  and remember this package renews automatically and for unsubscription of this package send “unsub” to 4952

Zong Flutter Package

zong daily call packages - zong flutter package 2018

Zong Flutter Package offers 90 On-Net minutes and 100 Sms for all network at the price of 8Rs + Tax.  This package doesn’t include any Internet MBs because of which I would not recommend this package. Instead of this Zong Hello Package would be better because at the same price you will also get 50Mb of data.

Minutes: 90

SMS: 100

Price:  8Rs + Tax

How to Subscribe to Zong Flutter Package – This package can be subscribed by dialing *369# and remember this is an auto-renewing package and to unsubscribe from this package Send “unsub” to 369.

Zong Sixer Plus Package

zong daily call packages - zong sixer plus offer 2018

Zong Sixer Plus Package offers 10,000 On-Net Minutes and 500 all network SMS at the cost of Rs 8. The validity of this package is 1 day but keep in mind both the Minutes and Sms are only usable from 6 AM – 6 PM.

Minutes: 10,000 ( 6AM – 6PM )

SMS: 500 ( 6AM – 6PM )

Price: Rs 8 + Tax

How to Subscribe to Zong Sixer Plus Package – To subscribe to this offer dial *666# and to unsubscribe this offer Send “Unsub” to 666111.



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